Dernière Volonté

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Kaliningrad Oblast6
Udmurt Republic6
Об исполнителе
The name under which French musician Geoffroy D writes his own music. Throughout an 'industrial' early period, Geoffroy tended to write a fusion of martial music and dark ambient. Choosing to focus on atmosphere, militaristic rhythms, and historical samples, he left little emphasis to be placed on vocals and melody. However, with the release of his 2003 effort, Les Blessures de l'Ombre, Geoffroy took a new direction, applying his martial style to verse-chorus song structures and pop melodies. In 2008, Geoffroy started an electronic side-project called Position Parallele which fused together EBM with minimal wave style sounds. This led to a more distinctly synthpop sound being carried over into his work as Derniere Volonte as well...
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