The Prodigy

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Moscow and Moscow Oblast105 882
Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast43 544
Krasnodar Krai12 313
Minsk District12 300
Sverdlovsk Oblast9 418
Novosibirsk Oblast6 976
Republic of Tatarstan6 439
Chelyabinsk Oblast4 481
Rostov Oblast4 314
Samara Oblast4 309
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Are an English electronic dance music band from Braintree, Essex, formed in 1990 by keyboardist and songwriter Liam Howlett. The band's line-up has included MC and vocalist Maxim, dancer and vocalist Keith Flint, dancer and live keyboardist Leeroy Thornhill, and dancer and vocalist Sharky. Along with the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy are credited as pioneers of the breakbeat-influenced genre big beat, which achieved mainstream popularity in the 1990s. Howlett's rock-inspired drum rhythms infused with electronic rave music beats/breaks were combined with Maxim's omnipresent mystique, Thornhill's shuffle dancing style and Flint's modern punk appearance.
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