R. City

Популярность похожих исполнителей за декабрь
Количество слушателей в регионах за январь
Moscow and Moscow Oblast1 021
Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast401
Minsk District154
Alma-Ata District130
Krasnodar Krai88
Republic of Tatarstan83
Sverdlovsk Oblast71
Novosibirsk Oblast71
Akmolinsk District68
Republic of Bashkortostan48
Об исполнителе
U.S. Virgin Islands musical duo formed in 2003, from Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. The duo consists of brothers Theron "Uptown AP" Thomas and Timothy "A.I." Thomas. Primarily known as a songwriting and record production team, the duo has also released various bodies of work as recording artists, including their debut album, What Dreams Are Made Of, released in November 2015. They are best known for the single "Locked Away" featuring Adam Levine.
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