Quest Pistols Show

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Moscow and Moscow Oblast55 276
Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast19 650
Minsk District7 679
Krasnodar Krai6 936
Sverdlovsk Oblast5 342
Novosibirsk Oblast4 206
Republic of Tatarstan4 162
Rostov Oblast2 590
Alma-Ata District2 551
Samara Oblast2 357
Об исполнителе
Are a Ukrainian pop-rock band formed in 2007, originally consisting of Anton Savlepov, Nikita Goruk, and Konstantin 'Kostya' Borovsky. In 2012 Kostya left the band and was replaced by Daniel Joy. The band began as a group of dancers in a show called "Quest Ballet". On April 1, 2007 they took part as singers during the show "Chance" as an April Fools prank with the song "Я устал" and received over 60,000 positive votes. After their success, the group decided to become a band...
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