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Moscow and Moscow Oblast417
Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast134
Sverdlovsk Oblast39
Minsk District37
Krasnodar Krai37
Republic of Tatarstan33
Novosibirsk Oblast29
Rostov Oblast23
Chelyabinsk Oblast16
Republic of Bashkortostan16
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Pop rock and indie rock band from Minsk, Belarus. Started in the middle of the 2000s with their English repertoire with a bit of Belarusian songs, they have changed the language of songwriting mostly just to Russian in recent years. Since 2006, they have released two full albums and several EP and singles, but nowadays the musicians play together mostly as a cover band. In addition to that, since March 2017 Vitaliy Matievskiy, frontman of the band, promotes his synth-pop duo Days of Days and since June 2018 he also writes music for his solo electronic music project MATIVI.
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