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Moscow and Moscow Oblast70
Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast22
Krasnodar Krai6
Minsk District5
Novosibirsk Oblast4
Akmolinsk District3
Krasnoyarsk Krai2
Irkutsk Oblast2
Amur Oblast2
Primorsky Krai2
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Singer-songwriter born in Angola in 1979, of Cape Verdean origin. Revealed with the title 10 fois, 100 fois featuring Perle Lama in 2003, Elizio quickly meets his first big solo success with Melodia which leads him to the top of the zouk scene. The artist then connects the tubes and expands his musical universe with more than 70 titles, ranging from general dancefloor with sounds like Bad Man on Kizomba with Angel or Make love on tempo in particular, through the kuduro as Sabi Di Mas.
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